Case Studies

Dewar's World of Whisky

A unique book for a specialist market

William Anderson & Sons were approached by Dewar's World of Whisky to produce a high quality case-bound book that was to accompany a 21 year old boxed whisky for sale worldwide. We knew we would be speaking directly to true whisky aficionados who appreciate quality, detail and finish.

Designed externally, this 100mm by 100mm 28 page book had to convey the premium exclusivity of the whisky, while also giving a nod to the tradition and history of the product.

We chose to use a high quality 170gms art paper, giving the book a tangible quality. We also turned to a hand finished gold foil block on the cover to convey exclusivity.

The result was a prime example of the craft of printing and bookbinding, utilising traditional techniques which matched the Dewar's brand perfectly.


Dewars Case Study