About Us

Restoration & archiving

We bring books back to life.

Unlike most printers, we offer a unique and specialist restoration service, capable of repairing damaged or worn pages, rebinding, re-sowing and performing renovation or replacement of ageing leatherwork.

Our restoration experts can painstakingly restore a range of documents to their former glory whilst retaining their integrity.

Marrying age old techniques with cutting edge technology, we offer digitalisation and archiving for documents and books. These electronic scans can be provided in any digital format, allowing for quick and easy access to information without needing the original manuscript. This scanning is often done when documents or books are being repaired, but can also be commissioned separately.

Once scanned, we can also produce print runs of out of print or limited edition books.

  • Historical records
  • Minute books
  • Registration books
  • Bibles and religious manuscripts
  • Rare books
  • Archiving to CD or online databases